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GTA: Moonwalk

Version 2.0:

The next version of Moonwalk, Beta 2.0, will primarily deal with the high amout of Bugs that were in 1.0. Also our main objective is to add the Features that were long planed but never be realized, like a Space Suit, an booster rocket for the Spaceshuttle to let it start more realistic and so on. Not much/span> will change at the ground station to date, but the interior will be fixxed, and lots of stuff will be added.
TThats all we can say at the moment

new screenshots:

Shuttle 2.0:

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New Videos:

The new Shuttle


To see more videos go to the Media-Site

Ideas and Bugs:

  • Collsions on the Ground (Falling thru the map)
  • Change vehiclespawn (more on the parking space, delete raindance/rustler)
  • Textures (Cars, terrain)
  • Fix Vehicle collisions
  • Wrong map data, wrong items spawned
  • Remove "Airtrain"
  • Heighten the Landing lights
  • Remove the grass on the runway
  • Change the runway -> Texture
  • Diner at the hilltop -> Mapfixes
  • Streetbugs (Textures)
  • Add interior at the Visitor-Center
  • Fill the empty rooms
  • Add an Elevator script
  • Door in the ground floor have bugs
  • Remove the gym. Add a new one in the basement -> Bigger
  • Door at 4th floor invisible
  • Remove jail, add security station in the Basement
  • Entrance on the roof
  • Seller should only sell food after button is pressed
  • Add large fuel tanks, possibly add a cleo script to refuel the Shuttle
  • Int Tower (A51 radar)
  • Booster rockets for a realistic start
  • Add Saturn V Rocket
  • Assembly Hall for the Shuttle
  • Spacesuit
  • Add Interior at the Dinner

If you have suggestions -> write me at the Feedback page

Old beta release information:

This mod deals with the subject of space in SA and is an indirect continuation of the old NASA mods.

Starting at the bottom:
A big NASA Center was built in Verdant Meadows. Outside are 3 houses, one hangar, 1 large car park, a tower and of course a few minor details (fuel storage etc.)
Well, there is also an Interior for the NASA center, reachable by car at the 1. garage next to the green and white house (the headquarters) or walk through the main entrance at the center of the house. If you are in the interior there is much to discover, for example, a laboratory, the Mission Control Center or a canteen. Main offices are of course well represented.

If you have looked at everything,  you can leave the house through the garage with a car, or through the main entrance or the roof by foot.
Once outside, you can immediately get into the space shuttle and fly around a bit.
The Space Shuttle also provides a script, by pressing CTRL + Myou can get a route to the moon.
You can also find the spacecraft in the deep shaft adjacent to the laboratory.
You can also fly with it

Beta download

Download the Beta 1.0 here. The English version has atm no Installer, the scripts arent translated too.
If you understand german, I recommend you to download the installer with german language, otherwise you need to do all manually. But it isnt complicated, Just read the readme.

Beta Screenshots:


The old preview: