Grand Theft Auto: Moonwalk™ Beta 1.0

Die GTA: Moonwalk Beta ist nun released, jeder kann sie testen. Eine ausführliche Beschreibung des Mods, sowie das Video, sind auf der Moonwalk™ Seite zu finden.

San andreas car backups

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On this page i've uploaded all my Mods. Click on a name to find out more

Grand Theft Auto Moonwalk

This mod deals with the subject of space in SA and is an indirect continuation of the old NASA mods.

Starting at the bottom:
 A big NASA Center was built in Verdant Meadows. Outside are 3 houses, one hangar, 1 large car park, a tower and of course a few minor details (fuel storage etc.) Well, there is also an Interior for the NASA center, reachable by car at the 1. garage next to the green and white house (the headquarters) or walk through the main entrance at the center of the house.

If you are in the interior there is much to discover, for example, a laboratory, the Mission Control Center or a canteen. Main offices are of course well represented. If you have looked at everything,  you can leave the house through the garage with a car, or through the main entrance or the roof by foot.

Once outside, you can immediately get into the space shuttle and fly around a bit. The Space Shuttle also provides a script, by pressing CTRL + Myou can get a route to the moon. You can also find the spacecraft in the deep shaft adjacent to the laboratory. You can also fly with it New features and bugfixes will be released in the new Version

For more information, visit the Moonwalk Modpage or look up the News !

The new blueberry mod

As the name suggests, the little place Blueberry is Renewed, ie, new textures, new houses, new stuff etc.

  • In the mod included:
  • The Truck Terminal v. 2.5 (below as a single download v 2.0)
  • New textures for almost everything in Blueberry, also for the streets,
  • New IPL (Map), ie, new houses, new trees and a new Save House.
  • Also included is a Cleoscript which:
    • Spawn cars on the parking lot
    • the wanted level (star wanted) within the home range deletes
    • Weapons packs next to the house    
    • and a guard presents the house


Truckterminal 2.0

So, in this mod the old "Truck Terminal" in the heart Blueberrys is fundamentally renewed so that it becomes a modern meeting place.
In addition, I placed a motel, a store and a gas station in Blueberry (main road towards "Fleischberg").
The Terminal now features:
  • 2 Slotsmachines
  • 1 Snack Vending Machine
  • A Bar
  • Tables and benches
  • Various customers Eating Burgers
  • A helipad
  • 5 Boxes + stereo
  • 1 Burger Stand
  • A workplace.
Almost all textures were changed.


san andreas backups

Here are backups on all vehicles from San Andreas. If you once installed a mod that doesnt work, or you just want to have only the original again, you'll find exactly the right files here.

Refering to: San Andreas Backup-Downloads

Kentuck fried chicken mod

It's a simple texture mod that turns almost every Cluckin Bell into a KFC store. Almost all textures are renewed.


Slamvan skins

Like the name suggests, only a few slamvan skins


airport vehicle

This is one of my first Cleo scripts, it's parking some vehicles on the SFX, like:
Hustler, Hunter, Hydra, Andromeda, AT-400 and a Baggage with stairs to enter


Alte Mods

In this Category are my old mods. They're not very appealing, but i leave them here

McDonalds Truck Skins:

This package contains 3 different skins for the trailer in SA in the style of McDonals. Also a skin for the Scania r620 by SheryO is included
All .dff and .txd are included.


News Heli Skins:

4 new Skins for the News-Maverick